We need to Recalibrate the VCTC

The Virginia City Tourism Commission (VCTC) is technically a “County Fair and Recreation Board”.

As defined by Nevada Revised Statute 244A, the board of county commissioners shall appoint four representatives as follows:

      (a) Two members to represent the hotel or motel operators in the county.

     (b) One member to represent the other commercial interests in the county.

      (c) One member to represent the county at large.

The VCTC currently has board members who conform to the letter of the law but not the spirit of the law. While the current board is comprised of excellent people, they are not directly representative with the merchants they serve.

When elected, I will work with my fellow commissioners to appoint a new VCTC board that more accurately reflects the spirit of the law and change the focus of the board from their current trajectory to one that is more in sync with the merchants.

Think Globally, Market Locally.

I have been calling for a focus on marketing Virginia City to a 100-mile radius of us since I began attending VCTC Meetings. Thanks in large part to COVID, The VCTC announced in a recent meeting they would be spending $150,000 in local advertising.

I have talked to merchants and residents of Virginia City and the majority of them would welcome this recalibration. They tell me that the focus on alcohol centric events had a detrimental effect on the community. Shifting the focus of Virginia City from a party town to a place where our authentic history is the showcased will benefit the entire community.

Everyone Benefits

Residents won’t have to endure people who come here to party rather than enjoy our history, and families and distant visitors might be more inclined to stay an extra day if there are more authentic venues to enjoy.