Our water bill has tripled during the past decade in Virginia City and Gold Hill. In July our water and sewer bill went up. Again.

You can bet your bottom dollar your water bill will triple over the next decade unless you replace the current crop of Commissioners. In 2018, the county borrowed 2.1 million to install water lines (under Mike Nevin’s watchful eye, the project had an overrun of $290,000 over 10%).

In a recent Commission meeting, the county just took out another 2.6 million dollar credit card to fund the water storage, water lines, and the Gold Hill sewer treatment plant.

If elected, I will fight to change this. One of the first things I will propose is the cancellation of Mike Nevin’s insider contract to oversee special projects. We pay our director of Public Works almost $9,000 a month, excluding benefits, to manage his department. Mike Nevin’s services are something the Public Works Director should be qualified and capable of doing. If he is not, then we have our right fielder playing third base.

In talking with rank and file people in Public Works, there are a half dozen things we can do immediately to reduce expenses in Public Works. I will work to flesh out these things when elected as your Commissioner.

Commissioner Lance Gilman has promised the streets will be awash with cash any day now. We should use the money to reduce our debt and benefit each community of Storey County. In Virginia City and Gold Hill, that means a lower water bill.

Residents First. Special Interests Not First.