My Platform

Residents First. Special Interests Not First.

I believe that I have the character, experience, and values to make decisions that benefit all Storey County Residents.

Some of the things will fight for as Commissioner are:

  • Recalibrate the VCTC leadership and emphasize our authentic historic experience and family-friendly events
  • Reduce (yes, reduce) the VC Water Bill that has tripled in the last decade
  • Reduce our Business License Fee
  • Ensure that Tesla pays their fair share for their impact on Fire, Sheriff, and other County services
  • Fight the ballooning county payroll and perform a top-down evaluation of personnel
  • Provide Full Government Transparency in all areas and ensure that all public record requests are delivered per NRS intent
  • Hold regular meetings in all communities year-round, not just when elections roll around
  • Be accessable and accountable to all residents by establishing “kitchen cabinet” consisting of community members who are willing to work towards solutions for local problems.
Sam Toll for Commissioner

Residents First. Special Interests Not First.

Storey County has been on a winning streak for a few years now. We enjoy a growing revenue base, rising property values and a bright future.

However, the focus of current and past elected officials has been a singular effort to grow the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Park. This focus has created revenue growth for the county, but has enriched a small group of people. Sadly, existing abatememts have hamstrung the full growth promised by TRIC.

What has been missing, until quite recently, has been a focus on the residents. When the election cycle began in March, we started seeing an effort to commit to things the residents have been requesting for years.

It is time for the County to return it’s focus on delivering services and value to the residents while at the same time working to reduce it’s burden on taxpaying residents.

  With the arrival of my grandson in 2017, I represent 7 generations of Gold Hill residents. I am extremely proud of Storey County and what we have become. Since moving back home in 2016, I have been active in County government, having missed fewer meetings than my opponent has attended.

During that time I have carved out a reputation as being a champion of the people fighting waste, abuse and downright monkey business here in The Richest Place On Earth.

I will work alongside my fellow commissioners to improve our county for the residents. However, I will fight for the people when the issue benefits Special Interests at the expense of the residents with all I’ve got .

My Vision

Storey County is the Richest Place On Earth for:

  • Residents: Access to services and Quality of Life
  • Visitors: Rich Historic Experiences
  • Businesses: A Thriving Environment to Grow.

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