I Was Wrong.

Anyone growing up in the 1970s probably remembers Arthur Fonzarelli. As a kid, i particularly remember the episode when the Fonz had to admit to being wrong.


This scene stuck with me.

During the Candidate Forum, I made the statement that in 2019, the highest-paid employee in Storey County made $83k in overtime. This statement is not accurate.

When I looked at Storey County’s 2019 payroll numbers for the first time*, I couldn’t believe my eyes because the overtime number was so outrageous. I clearly dyslixized the numbers and thought his salary of $83k was his overtime. The actual amount of overtime the highest-paid employee made was $70,699.59.

Unlike the Fonz, it’s important to own your mistakes and understand how you made them so you can make a different decision in the future. I have made mistakes in writing on The Teller, and have immediately owned them**.

Character, Experience, and Values.

If I make a mistake, I will immediately own it, apologize for it, and use the experience to help me in the future.

Oh, yeah, and Residents First. Special Interests Not First

*Take a look at those overtime numbers. $784k is the salary of 10 full-time firemen. I asked how much if any was due to reimbursable mutual aid assistance we may have provided. Storey County has yet to answer that question.

** I read this statement at the podium during the very next County Commission Meeting. That’s how I roll.