The above image is of legal cannabis growing in Washoe Valley at the Sol Dispensary.

I Was Arrested for Growing Weed in My Backyard.

Transparency is something I respect and will fight to have in Storey County government.

There is nothing in my past that I choose to hide.

Twenty-Three Years Ago

On July 31st, 1997, I was arrested for doing something that is perfectly legal in both California and Nevada today; cultivating cannabis on my property for personal and medicinal use.

I spent 9 hours in a cell, four months from 12:00 am to 6:00 am on house arrest, completed Drug Court, and 5 years of probation.

Upon completion of probation, my conviction was converted from felony cultivation to maintaining a place of drug manufacture, a misdemeanor.

I was never in trouble with law enforcement before and have not been since.

I regret that my selfish behavior resulted in my children spending one night with CPS and my ex-wife’s arrest.

Happily, the attorney I hired for her was able to have her arrest record sealed and expunged upon completion of the Court supervised Drug Diversion program.

Additionally, I filed for personal bankruptcy in 2012 as part of our divorce agreement to protect my ex-wife’s financial position and credit rating.

We all have feet of clay, and I am no different.

Fun Fact. While I have racked up a schmear fix-it tickets because of a stupid trailer I used to own, I have not received a moving violation since 1986.

Not so Fun Fact. Insomnia sucks. I have not had a good night’s sleep since I quit using cannabis 6 years ago.

If you want to hear about the day I quit drinking 18 years ago, ask me. It’s an interesting story.