About Sam Toll

Why Vote For Me? Residents First.

My Family arrived in Gold Hill in 1867. As a Gold Hill Native and history buff, I am proud of the authentic history of the Comstock and our rural lifestyle.

Since returning home, I got involved in our county government. I missed more Storey County Government meetings than my opponent has attended.

In participating in these meetings, an overarching theme became apparent to me; the focus of our current administration is a singular focus on growing the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Park in favor of a small group of companies and people at the expense of the residents.

I will work to pivot the focus of Storey County from TRIC to the residents.

Sam Toll for Commissioner

Community Involvement

When I moved back to the Comstock for good in 2016, I started writing for the Comstock Chronicle. Days after Donald Trump was elected, the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Park led by Lance Gilman and Roger Norman, tried to unseat Sheriff Gerald Antinoro in a recall election.

In February of 2017, I founded The Storey Teller, an online newspaper, and provided factual information to counter the anonymous direct mail pieces sent by TRIC.

My coverage of the recall effort, including the in-depth information, exposed the recall effort for what it was and helped Sheriff Antinoro retain his job.

Since then, The Storey Teller covered community events, reported on financial data, and have shone the light into County business in a way that has never been done before.

In 2017, I was sued by Lance Gilman for defamation In the process of winning my case, I helped protect the First Amendment in Nevada with a Nevada Supreme Court victory which extended Nevada’s robust reporter shield law to apply to online journalists.

I rose up and fought the use of Storey County taxpayer revenue to fund the installation of an effluent pipeline at TRIC. Billion Dollar Global corporations and Storey County leaders tried to commit $80 million of future tax dollars to build the pipeline. I collected over 300 signatures and delivered them to the County Commissioners and helped reduce taxpayer exposure down to $16 million. It is worth pointing out that when I was in the trenches fighting the county and the billion dollar corporations trying to steal our future tax revenue, my opponent was nowhere to be seen. He did not attend a single meeting and he did not sign the petitions.


My first and best job was washing dishes for Lynn Leong at the Sharon House. One day I asked Lynn how he knew he was making money by selling a plate of Tomato Vegetable Chow Yuk.

He took me under his wing and shared a lifetime of successful business management.

In 1981, I packed my stuff into the back of my VW Bug and drove to Rocklin California. I arrived with $20 in my pocket and half a tank of gas.

I enrolled at Sierra College and got a job selling computers for an Apple Dealer in Rocklin. In 1984, I met Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak when I bought the 128K Macintosh Computer pictured here.

I started the Electric Page in 1986 with two employees. Within 10 years I had 75 employees, an 8,000 square foot building in Sacramento’s Midtown, 5 locations was doing $8 million a year in business.

I founded or bought 5 other companies including Heckler Magazine and two creative design firms.

Upon returnign to the Comstock, I wrote for the Comstock Chronicle, started The Storey Teller, and founded Battle Born Digital Media and Marketing all while being semi-retired.


It would be an honor to serve the people of Storey County and the great State of Nevada.

You will hear folks whose special interests are in jeopardy tell you that I won’t work with them or anyone and will fight everything.

Don’t believe them.

If it benefits the residents, I will work hand in glove with my fellow commissioners and the County Manager to do what is right for the residents of Storey County.

I will protect your wallet while efficiently providing essential services to the residents.

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